Exhibition of GMoCCA Collection Odyssey of Contemporary Ceramic Art



  • Year2023
  • Venue GMoCCA
  • Venue
    detailsPermanent Exhibition Hall
  • Period 2023-11-24 ~ 2027-01-10
  • HostGyeonggi-do

"An Odyssey of Contemporary Ceramic Art" explores the beginnings of contemporary ceramics in the 20th century, when it broke away from the pre-modern pottery industry and firmly established ceramics as an art form. It also explores the various forms that contemporary ceramics encompass today. The exhibition, which is composed of works from the collection of the Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, consists of three parts. Part 1: "Clay, the Prelude to Modern Ceramics," focuses on the beginnings and pioneering works of modern Korean ceramics and is accompanied by archival materials. It features works from the United States and Japan, which have not only had a significant impact on the development of Korean ceramics but also on modern global ceramics, as a whole. The other two parts consist of works that showcase the various 21st century trends in contemporary ceramics: "Soil, Material and Formative Language," and "Soil, Exploring and Investigating Contemporary Ceramics.” These sections of the exhibition introduce a variety of works that expand the scope of ceramics beyond the boundaries of material features, sculptural imagination, and genre. The exhibition hopes to open up new horizons of thinking for the development of tomorrow's contemporary ceramics by examining the fundamentals and characteristics of the ceramic artistic applications of clay at a glance.