GMoCCA Special Exhibition 2024 Self-Medication: Korean Ceramic Art 



  • Year2024
  • Venue GMoCCA
  • Venue
    detailsExhibition Hall 3, 3rd Floor
  • Period 2024-04-25 ~ 2024-06-30

Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art × Latvia Ceramics Biennale

Self-Medication: Korean Ceramic Art, a special exhibition of 2024 presented by the Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, continues its conversation on the essence and potential of Korean ceramic art in Korea after being exhibited at the Latvia Ceramics Biennale 2023. This will be a homecoming exhibition that serves as a report of the results of participating in the guest country exhibition at the Latvia Ceramics Biennale 2023 (October 5, 2023 - January 14, 2024). This exhibition was designed as an attempt to explore the origin and essence of Korean ceramic art through contemporary Korean ceramic artwork, and to initiate a discussion with ceramic art circles worldwide on the future values of ceramic art that are worth discussing.

16 Different Facets of Contemporary Korean Ceramic Art 

Self-Medication: Korean Ceramic Art explores the unique properties and central context of contemporary Korean ceramic art in three parts: “Process,” “Tradition,” and “Message.”

“Process” presents works created by ceramists who use materials to conduct profound research, as well as establish novel methods and art-making processes. Representative ceramicists include Park Jongjin, Bae Sejin, Baek Jin, Yeo Byonguk, Yoon Junghoon, and Lee Neungho, whose works involve unique methods of interpreting and using different materials. Each artist’s approach is realized through their works in the form of a unique formal language, which, like fingerprints, serves as a reflection of their respective uniqueness.

“Tradition” displays works that robustly incorporate the context of traditional Korean ceramics. These works provide not only important themes but also unveil the archetype for creation, serving as a source of inspiration for contemporary Korean ceramic art. Works by Kim Yikyung, Kim Jungok, Oh Hyangjong, Lee Dongha, and Ree Soojong involve studying tradition and interpreting and investigating traditional techniques and forms, all while posing the question: what is a new tradition that can be enjoyed today? 

‘Message’ features works that are meant to form discourse out of the vast stories surrounding ceramics, using sound rationality and airtight narratives. Kim Jeongbum, Yoo Euijeong, Oh Jeisung, Jeong Kwan, and Hahn Aikyu ponder over different issues surrounding social and cultural phenomena and contemporary ceramics.

This exhibition is not merely about shedding light on the 16 Korean ceramic artists’ art-making processes, nor is it about learning about their worlds of art. These artists, representing 16 different facets of Korean ceramic art, convey the theme that we ceaselessly review our perspectives and experiences regarding ceramic art, and that we apply ourselves to discover our own respective worlds. Therefore, this event will hopefully provide visitors an opportunity to ponder and reflect on the definition of and future direction for ceramic art at a time when crafts, design, and other fields of art are expanding and promoting exchange.


  • KIM Yikyoung
  • KIM Jeongbum
  • KIM Jungok
  • PARK Jongjin
  • BAE Sejin
  • BAEK Jin
  • YEO Byonguk
  • OH Jeisung
  • OH Hyangjong
  • YOO Euijeong
  • YOON Junghoon
  • LEE Neungho
  • LEE Dongha
  • REE Soojong
  • JEONG Kwan
  • HAHN Aikyu