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GMCD was opened in 2001 to influence Korean ceramic culture in positive ways. It embraces modernity and tradition and seeks to make them part of everyday living. In all these years, the Museum has promoted ever-changing lifestyles as well as the role and values of ceramics in culinary culture while creating the values of ceramics as crafts and works of art to the public through exhibitions and educational programs. Going forward, the Museum will promote diverse programs designed for specific regions in an eort to establish itself as medium of ceramic culture, taking the next step together with local communities.


Visitor Information

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00

*Visitors are admitted until 17:00, one hour before closing time.


January 1st

Lunar New Year’s day


Every Monday

(If a national holiday falls on a Monday, the museum is closed the next day (Tuesday))



Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design (GMCD)GMCD logo

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External facilities

Bandal Cafe
Bandal Cafe

Bandal Cafe serves many different coffees and other beverages, together with snacks. Parasols are on the terrace of the cafe so that visitors can enjoy the scenery while having a cup of tea.

Living Shop
Living Shop

Bulk purchases of medium and low-priced ceramic livingware are possible. Some 25,000 pieces of ceramic tableware for restaurants, which are hardly available at department stores or discount store chains, are available at great prices.

Tel. 031-887-8272

Art Shop
Art Shop

Some 19,000 art products by 50 companies ranging from functional ceramics to crafts, souvenirs, personal ornaments, and to stationery, all carefully selected, are on sale.

Tel. 031-887-8271

Gallery Shop
Gallery Shop

Deals with carefully selected studio ceramics by Korean ceramic artists. Some 10,000 pieces produced by ceramic artists working not only Icheon, Yeoju, and Gwangju but other parts of Korea are sold here.

Tel. 031-887-8271

Gyeonggi Crafts Creation Support Center
Gyeonggi Crafts Creation Support Center

By supporting crafts start-ups, advanced education on crafts, design development, design protection, developing prototypes, and equipment usage, Gyeonggi Crafts Creation Support Center aspires to be the One-Stop Platform and control tower.

Tel. 031-887-8291


This is a place where visitors can take a break or learn about the history of ceramics, receive education, have various experiences with ceramics, or see or participate in other events.

Cultural Facilities

Bandal Space
Bandal Space

Here, visitors can read exhibition catalogues of GMCD and see demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities related to the exhibitions at GMCD.

Location: 1st floor of GMCD

How to get here

Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design: 7, Sinreuksa-gil, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Public transport

· By Airport Bus/Intercity Bus/Express Bus/ Seat-only Bus(No. 111 – Icheon-Yeoju line)

1. Get off at Icheon Terminal

2. Transfer to a Local Bus No. 981, 981-3, 981-4, 175, 987-3, 988-2, 988-3, 991, 992, 995, 130, 911-1, 911-5

3. Get off at Silleuksa, Walk 7 minutes.


· By Subway

1. Get off at Yeoju Station(Gyeonggang Line).

2. Transfer to Local Bus No. 981, 175, 987-3, 988-2, 988-3, 991, 992, 995, 130, 911-1, 911-5

3. Get off at Silleuksa, Walk 7 minutes.


On the Yeongdong Expressway: exit at Yeoju IC and take Local Road No. 37 bound for Icheon/Yeoju

* Use Kakao maps or naver maps, google maps below for details.