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The European Ceramic Workcentre is an international artist in residence and centre of excellence for ceramics. For over 50 years, artists, designers and architects from all over the world have worked here to experiment with clay. The experiments result in both special works of art and technical innovations. The works developed here are shown in museums from New York to Tokyo. The combination of world-class facilities, the presence of advisors with internationally leading technical knowledge and the openness to freely share recipes, processes and innovations, makes the EKWC a special place. The mission of the non-profit EKWC is to further develop the material ceramic and to promote its application in art, design and architecture. The centre is located in the former dyeing and tannery of the Royal United Leather Factory in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. A monumental building that was once the largest leather factory in Europe. A place where history, inspiration and making are combined for more than a century.

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